Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bike Racks For Cars Buying Guide

If you are thinking about long distance biking, one thing is for sure, it can be unpleasant if you are physically not ready, so unpleasant that you'll probably forget about biking in a long time. What are your options!? You can try to stuff your bike in the back of your car or easily give up, even if you are in a perfect mood for biking? Nope, you'll simply get a bike rack for car so you can shorten the distance, but still have great fun.

It's easy to realize that you need bike rack, even deciding upon to get one is easy, nowadays they are not that expencive. Hard part comes when you need to decide what type of bike racks for cars are most suitable for you.
There is so many of them availabe on market these days. In this blog post I'll help you make an unregrettable decision, so you can decide on which bike racks for cars are most suitable for your needs.

The key is to carefully answer on this several questions about your needs with regards to bike racks. Read them very carefully and think twice before proceding with next one!

How many bikes would you like to carry?
Bike racks allows you secure and easy transportation of your bikes and with consideration of the brand and type can carry up to 5 bikes. If you transport two or more bikes, you'll need to buy attachments that will allow more than one bike.

Where do you want them to be racked?
Consider whether you want a trunk mount, roof mount, spare tire mount or receiver hitch mount.

How often will you use it?
If you will not use it often, you will not have to purchase a heavy-duty, high price rack.

Will your rack need to fit different vehicles?
If you have more than one car you'll need to switch one rack between them.

Is security of the bikes and rack paramount?
Should it be lockable?
If you would like to have extra protection for your bikes you'll need to buy rack that support locks and other security devices.

Are your bikes standard in design or something unusual?
You must consider the dimensions and shape of your bikes. If you'll carrying kid's bikes, you'll need racks that will take that size of bikes.

Do you already have a towing hitch fitted to your vehicle?
The hitch mount are my favorite bike racks for cars, but not every car has the hitch.

How much money are you prepared to spend?
Try to find a rack that has only the features you need. Take into consideration features and functionality that you might need in the future.

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