Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bike Racks For Cars - How To Choose The Right One!?

Bike racks for cars are the necessary equipment for the true lovers of cycling. An item that a lot of us surely intend to purchase at certain point of our lives, mainly because of owning bike racks for cars means that it now enable us to take our bikes with us wherever we would like to go.

By owning a bake rack for cars, your possibilities become endless. You can now take your bike with you if you are going on a simple hike or if you plan to go for a camping vacation. For that reason, when you have bike racks for cars you can easily park your vehicle on the car parking and be able to use bicycle to discover beautiful places that cars are unable to reach.

You will find lots of types available on the market that deciding upon which one to purchase becomes difficult. Before deciding upon which one to buy, we want to help you with several information on how to choose the right one for your needs. Following are the things that you should take into consideration when choosing suitable bike rack:

The most important to know is the number of bikes you want to bring with you.  Think about this very carefully because sooner or later you'll wish to bring friends or family members along with you on vacation. Normally the number of bikes that racks can contain is up to four. If you wish to take more than four bikes, you'll have to purchase an additional rack to put the extra number of bikes on your car. Keep in mind and take into account if your car are available to support the more than one rack.

When you decide on the number of bikes your rake should be available to care, the next thing to consider will be the model of bike racks for cars that you would like to get.

To put it simply you will find three types of bike racks for cars available on market:
  1. the ones that you are able to put on the trunk area of your vehicle,
  2. the ones that you are able to install on the roof of your vehicle,
  3. the ones that you are able to attach to the trailer hitch of your vehicle.

Trunk Bike Rack
The first model, is great if you have a small car or if your garage, parking lot at your workplace or at your apartment building has lower ceilings. This prevents your bike from getting damaged. This kind of racks are easy to mount on the trunk or on the rear door of your car, nonetheless what you might not like would be the fact that it hinders accessibility to your trunk.

Bike Roof Rack
The second model of rack, the roof mount bike rack, will allow you to have an unobstructed view in the rear view mirror, yet if your car doesn't include crossbars or roof rack, you will require a professional to install the rack, and installation can be quite expensive.

Trailer Hitch Bike Rack
The third type of bike racks for cars, the one that is attached to the trailer hitch of your car, is the most durable. Designed to last since they will travel on the same road that your car travels, this rack solves the problem with height limitations when you have to park in low ceiling parking lots.

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